14 October 2008

Best. Dinner. Ever.

Well, not the best dinner I've ever had, but definitely one of the best all-elements dinners I've ever cooked. I had a hankering for MEAT today, and lamb happened to be on sale at WSM. So I headed home with a 6.4 oz. Niman Ranch lamb sirloin and got to thinking. After briefly considering warming up rice that I had already made, I said to myself,
Self, are you stupid or something?
and so proceeded as I should've,
  • slicing up half an onion and
  • three small Yukon Gold potatoes,
  • drizzling with olive oil and
  • coating in pepper and salt,
  • for roasting.
  • other half of the onion, sliced, along with a
  • large clove of garlic, and combined with
  • dry red wine,
  • olive oil, and a
  • bunch of dijon mustard.
  • Lamb was placed in said mixture, and from there to the
  • fridge for half an hour.
In the interim, I popped open a bottle of the Best Beer Evar (aka Bell's Special Double Cream Stout) and mixed up some of the ol' KD family salad dressing and a baby-spinach and romaine salad.

Then, to the grilling.
  • After putting the taters and onions in the oven for a bit,
  • I broke out the large cast iron enamel skillet, heated to medium
  • and threw on the lamb along with onions and all the sauce.
  • Turning intermittently, I added more wine as the sauce cooked down,
  • took the lamb off at medium-rare and
  • let the onions and sauce reduce some more.
  • The potatoes and onions came out and joined the lamb on the plate,
  • and all were then covered in the astonishingly tasty gravy and onions
The stout was a perfect complement, but really, every single thing was perfect in this meal. I don't even know if I dare try to replicate it. Just perfect, on a cool fall evening.

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