18 October 2008

Food-Related Twitters for 18 October 2008

  • Carrboro Farmer's Market: greens (mustard and collard); peppers (many, spicy and non-); lamb leg; fat back; tomatoes for sauce; sweet taters
  • lamb stock in fridge; collard stock in freezer.
  • getting ready to plow through things-that-need-to-be-cooked/eaten to make week's food, and to clear deck for today's acquired bounty.
  • Step 1: Burrito Assembly Line. Refried beans, rice, fresh guac, cheese, lettuce.
  • Step 2: burritos in fridge and freezer. Preparing to make tomato sauce and then fry chicken.
  • Step 3: tomato sauce cooking down. Green tomatoes sliced, salted, sitting in preparation for breading. Chicken breaded. Pan oiled.
  • Step 4: eating. Fried green tomatoes outrageously good; chicken also tasty but I need work on my chicken-frying technique.

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