29 June 2007

Espiral Vinho Verde

Another entry in the wonderfully long Trader Joe's $4 bottle of wine list, the Espiral Vinho Verde has been described elsewhere as "[s]pritzy and lemony with some killer acidity," and I wouldn't disagree. Like many of the $4 TJ wines, it is not a thoroughly complex experience, but is neither unsatisfying for it - a generically Champagne-y nose, with a bright young taste and a dry, fine finish. Adam M. says, "If you were at a large party and it were served by the case, you wouldn't feel bad about either drinking it or pouring it on your fellow partygoers."

1 comment:

mikiel said...

Having tried every vinho verdo from the Spanish Table, of which there are 7 or 8, I have to state that Trader Joe's Espiral Vinho Verdo is my favorite. I rarely buy more than one bottle of wine at a time, but if Trader Joe's has Espiral in stock I will buy a case. Having written this, next time I will buy two cases, because Trader Joe's does not have an unlimited supply.