19 June 2007

About this Blog

Hello. This blog will be about food, which is to say it'll be about a lot of things. Life tends to revolve around food, and my life particularly does so - eating well (in all senses of the word) is one of my central tenets. This means that, among other things, I live in a vegetarian co-op in Chapel Hill (though I'm not a vegetarian) but also enjoy exotic, salty snacks; that I love shopping for a specific meal and also using whatever happens to be in the fridge; that I like cheap, tasty wines and also more expensive and differently-tasty beers; and so on. Maybe I'll get more erudite as I go along here, but the chief aims of this blog are to catalog the food-elements in my life: to write down recipes successful and failed, restaurants excellent and disappointing, wines good and sulfuric, beers surprising and overpriced, markets useful and not. Other writers may join with similar or overlapping missions, and all are encouraged to offer feedback and contributions.

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