09 July 2007

Orlio Organic Common Ale

Orlio Organic Common Ale was, for me, like an unknown movie seen on a whim that delivers entertainment. And like said movie, I went mostly on appearances - Orlio has a very attractive, spare label, and "Common Ale" intrigued me. Judging from their slick/still-under-construction/annoyingly Flash-based website, Orlio is a fairly new brewery, and probably not available too far outside of its home state (Vermont, where I happened to be at the time). As to the beer itself, Orlio's own description of it as a "golden ale that starts with an elegantly creamy malt complexity and ends with a firm but understated hop finish that balances the initial sweetness with a touch of bitterness" is pretty right-on. Not unlike the Anchor Liberty Ale, though creamier and a touch less hoppy. Recommended, if you get the chance.

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