08 February 2009

Rajiv-inspired hot chocolate

Rajiv can't handle milk that well. However, after walking back from the Mall to Mt Pleasant for Obama's inauguration, we were both craving hot chocolate.
Once back in my kitchen, the only non-dairy liquids my half-frozen brain could think of were soy milk and coconut milk.
Rajiv provided the powdered chocolate. It turned out to be warm and reminded us of tropics, where we wished we could have teleported to...

I've adapted the recipe a little this morning, after Rajiv sent me this link about vegan hot chocolate.
-one part soymilk (3/4 cup maybe? I just eye balled it)
-one part coconut milk
-two huge tablespoons of cocoa powder
-a teaspoon of brown sugar
LOW heat. Whisk ahead. Do not let it boil or burn at the bottom. Should be thick and "grown-uppy".

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