24 February 2009

Abita Bock

With a fridge full of stouts, I am usually a happy man, but tonight's turkey burger dictated something more straight-up-drinking-beer. So despite missing the Abita tasting last week at Carrboro Beverage Co., I decided that I'd take Jason's advice and try their Bock - a leap of faith as I am generally not a super-malt-fan. Faith rewarded: very smooth, not overly malty and most importantly not overly sweet. Nice cereal finish, too. All the new Abita beers apparently went over well at the tasting, which I'm glad to hear - they were ahead of the curve some years back, but while they were doing their best not to get drowned out of business, the rest of the US microbrew market went and started making all sorts of crazy, hoppy business. But it seems they're back in the game.

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