21 February 2009

Larry's Bean Martin

Larry's is an incredibly reliable roaster - their espresso brews up rich and creamy, never over-roasted, and I've had many of their other beans in the past all to excellent effect. Which makes Bean Martin even more disappointing - it was on special at WSM, and as Larry's is always a good bet it was an easy call. But Bean Martin is not a good coffee -over-roasted, unbalanced and ultimately just muddy. I was just coming off of finishing off some overly-old beans with no kick left in them and maybe that's affecting my palette but I don't think so - this is just way too far in the other direction, all roast and no middle. I suppose I'll have to give over my usual biases against milk and finish off the rest of the beans cafe au lait to attempt to balance out a bit.

Don't worry Larry's, I'll be back!

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