19 August 2007

Victory Lager

I've talked a lot about Victory Prima Pils - one of my favorite beers - but had somehow never until now had a Victory Lager. Well, it was on special this week at Weaver Street, so I leapt at the opportunity. Victory describes the lager as, "Perfectly balanced, this authentic version of a German helles-style lager satisfies gloriously. Lean, German malts and fine European hops offer subtle harmony." Subtle is right - very little in the way of hoppy flavor here. It's a nice pale, straw color with little in the way of head and a hint of the similar lager'd brilliance of the Prima Pils - but only a little, accompanied by a bit of lager-y sweetness. Very refreshing, goes down easy but not quite with the full body of the Pils. Still, a solid beer.

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