04 August 2007

A Few Thoughts on Canadian Supermarkets

As readers may or may not be aware, one of my favorite things to do upon entering a foreign country is to visit its supermarkets. You can tell a lot bout a society from its supermarkets, and based at least on the results of the survey of greater Hinton, Alberta, Canada is... unimpressively different from the United States. The supermarkets, for one, were: Safeway and IGA. And yes, there were a few of the "this is just like in the States but different!" products; a few more Anglophone products (better availability of Cadbury chocolates, chiefly), but mostly it was exactly like a supermarket in the States (not a good one, either), with a few slightly different products from the same big food companies. Little in the way or organic or high-end products, and to my great disappointment the only smoked fish they had was frozen. And, as I remembered from a disappointing Winter Term Scavenger Hunt trip lo these many years ago - no booze in the supermarket.

There was, however, a boozer two doors down that carried - to my and MKD's delight - Castle Lager. In tall boy cans no less. Also purchased there were some local beers and a Canadian bitter - Alpenbitter - reviews of which will follow.


Also, below, is from a deli case in Jasper. Apparently in Canada, rather than call something "New York" when you mean "Jewish," you say "Montreal." There is and has been for a while a sizable Jewish community there, so this makes a kind of sense. Still a little odd.

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