04 August 2007

Denjiro Japanese Restaurant - Jasper, Alberta

Continuing in the "a bit [but not when you think about it] surprised this is in Alberta" category of restaurants was Jasper's Denjiro. And... while not as superlative within its element as Uyen Uyen, Denjiro was pretty darn solid. Not exceedingly expensive, either, and some unexpected innovations - both myself and MKD had and were satisfied by the Yam Yam roll: sweet potato tempura, avocado and spicy miso. Also excellent: for $0.60, a small side of Japanese pickles (mild cucumbers and cabbage) was a perfect added bonus. The service was pretty so-so... or bad, I suppose (I received [and was offered] exactly zero water refills), and both the beer and cold sake were not quite that cold to begin with. But, well - it was a Japanese restaurant in the Canadian Rockies. And it was pretty full of Japanese tourists, so I wasn't just making this up.

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