24 February 2008

Taco of Opportunity

Saturday brought physical labor, and so Saturday lunch necessitated high-protein refueling. Result - the Taco of Opportunity.

  • spicy pork sausage
  • kale
  • garlic
  • beer
  • flour tortilla
  • spicy German yellow mustard
  • Sauteé pork sausage in pan on high heat; when lightly browned on both sides, add beer to pan and cook until beer is half boiled off; remove sausage
  • Sauteé garlic and kale (with stems intact) in pan until half-wilted; after removing sausage from other pan, move kale to sausage pan and finish in beer/sausage juices
  • Warm tortilla. When warmed, slather with mustard, followed by a layer of kale, and then sliced pieces of sausage.
  • Enjoy!

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