24 February 2008

Poblano Peppers and Mushrooms

An altogether successful experiment, this dish was just good enough that it left open the tantalizing possibility of perhaps being great with a little tweaking.

  • three poblano peppers
  • two packages/hefty number of white mushrooms
  • garlic
  • two serrano peppers
  • slice poblanos lengthwise; mushrooms across; garlic lengthwise; and chop serranos very finely
  • heat oil to medium in a pan; add garic and serranos, cook for a minute or two
  • add poblanos and sauteé until softening
  • add additional oil; wait one minute until heated, then add mushrooms
  • sauteé until mushrooms are cooked
Very good already, but what's missing here? Some wine? Something else?

UPDATE: maybe orange juice?

1 comment:

Manfred said...

Sounds great, though I had to look up "Poblano peppers" on Wikipedia. I would say not the orange juice.