24 June 2009

Read this blog: Sichuan Oddysey

My friend Kareem has a new blog/mission:

My mission is to eat in every Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan and then report back to you here.
Given that Sichuan food is the third best world cuisine (after Arabic food and the Birreria in Pilsen but before hamburgers and Per Se), this should be an exciting—if caustic and grossly unhealthy—project. A quick note about authenticity: one of the worst things about food writing and its culinary Orientalism is the idea that authenticity can be sought out, understood, and explained. As a blogger I find that stupid and lame, and as a student of cultural anthropology I find it troubling and full of incorrect assumptions about basically everything. So, I’m not going to describe this stuff as if there’s a central, essential Sichuanness that I can appraise and these places can emulate, I’m just going to talk about whether or not I like them.
Right on, even if the ordering is wrong. So, you know: read it, add to RSS, etc.

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