02 May 2009

MKD Foodstravaganza: Beer Reviews

Terrapin Big Sloppy Monster: dark, rich, complex and sweet. A bit of hop finish with very strong bourbon tones – definitely a sipping beer, but a very very good one. Maybe not quite up to KBS or Paul's Day Off, but highly excellent.

Duck Rabbit Paul's Day Off: a very limited edition from Duck Rabbit – no bottles and only a few kegs with no future plans for more. Very complex, cocoa tones and a crisp hop finish with steady bourbon flavor throughout. Really just an exceptional beer, and still available at Milltown for as long as the keg lasts – you should try it if you get a chance.

New Holland Full Circle Kölsch-Style Beer: crisp, refreshing and not too yeasty as some summer beers can be. Nothing truly spectacular, but solid on all fronts - a very well-balanced summer beer, and recommended.

Stoudt's Pils: an excellent Pils. Hoppy finish, a little sweet and very satisfying.

Dogfish Head Burton Baton: very, very smooth for an imperial IPA - that would be the oak talking. A tasty beer.

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