12 July 2008

Somerville Cheladão

I found myself in Trader Joe's last night, picking up the usual variety of cheeses, veggie patties and deodorant, and noticed a bright-green Portuguese beer, Sagres Chopp selling for $5/6-pack. Why not? Wiki sez of the beer -

Chopp (4.9% ABV), a "Brazilian style" light lager, similar to Branca but with jazzier advertising. Launched in 2006, it has a lemony taste.

...and, given that Boston has a substantial Portuguese and Brazilian community, this makes sense. It being a lovely warm-not-hot Saturday afternoon, I decided I needed not just a beer but a beer drink and remembered my chelada. But no clam or tomato juice in the house, sadly. So, looking over some recipes, I improvised and thus the Somerville Cheladão:

  • In imperial pint glass, coat rim with salt
  • Add liberal dashes of hot sauce (I used Goya picante), a few dashes soy sauce, lime juice. Mix.
  • Add several ice cubes
  • Pour Sagres Chopp (or, really, any light lager, but this worked nicely) slowly
  • Gozar a sua cerveja!

1 comment:

Claire said...

Clam juice?? I'd rather have a Bud.