31 March 2008

Chicken liver souvlaki

Lately we've heard quite a bit about Serbia (and the newly independent Kosovo), and while there are quite a few interesting things to write about it on political terms, that's for another blog altogether... Here, I'll focus on the the food, the drink, the parties. Let's go to the photos. Exhibit A:
I don't remember where this one was taken, but if you drop me off near the parliament in Belgrade, I'm sure I'll find it. I ordered what seemed to be a simple dish, but did not expect the Serbian proportions: no less than 10 chicken livers, each wrapped in bacon, cooked on skewers, with a balsamic sauce. Fear not, the livers had their accompaniment of vegetables, not the side salad I eventually ordered, but the little bowl of chopped fresh onion, naked, no sauce. Garanteed to make anyone the popular guy/gal on the dance floor afterwards. The truth actually is that the onion was pretty tame compared to the appetizer of roasted garlic to go with the cornbread muffins (easily top 3 cornbread I've ever eaten--but i have to admit i've never been to southern USA).

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