31 October 2007

New Belgium Brewery 1554 Enlightened Black Ale

1554 - just delicious. Chocolately malt, not too sweet or bitter - very smooth, very tasty and, as they say, "Other than being dark in color, 1554 has little in common with Porters or Stouts." At a certain point of excellence, you can't say much more. Buy this beer whenever possible (which for me is... not often); come to think of it, buy pretty much any and every New Belgium beer whenever you can. Maybe the best Colorado brewery, and that's saying something.


Unknown said...

Yeah, even better from a tap - gets a nice creamy (although sometimes foamy) head. Definitely my favorite from New Belgium, not surprised it's yours, too.

Mountain Sun still gets my vote for best brewery in CO, they just can't compete when it comes to distribution.

Manfred said...

Great, I'll look it up at the ol' Brickskeller. And I'll have a veggie burger with it, but that's a real hassle because they always claim to put the cheese INSIDE the burger and so you have to make it clear that you want a slice of cheese as well or it's not the same... life is so full of little negotiations!